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              Rittal Automation Systems

              Our range of solutions, from manual tools through to fully automated machine technology, will significantly accelerate your processes.

              Automated machining processes

              Automate your machining processes and speed up your throughput times. From small and compact up to large enclosures.

              Rittal Automation Systems


              These versatile drilling and milling centres are capable of handling all machinable materials, including spray-finished sheet steel and stainless steel as well as aluminium, copper and plastic.

              Rittal Automation Systems

              Laser machining

              Laser centres are ideal for automated mechanical modification of standard enclosures in stainless steel, sheet steel and powder-coated metals. Machining stainless steel enclosures is many times faster and there is no damaging of the cut edges. Even...

              Rittal Automation Systems

              Busbar machining

              Fast, precise, ergonomic bending, punching and cutting of copper and aluminium busbars.

              Rittal Automation Systems

              Component cutting

              Wiring ducts, support rails and cable duct covers can be precision-cut to size.

              Rittal Automation Systems


              The efficient interplay between engineering, wire processing, hand tools and the Rittal assembly frames makes your wiring process swift, ergonomic and safe.

              Rittal Automation Systems

              Wire processing

              Semi-automated and fully automated, pioneering solutions for wire machining and processing.

              Rittal Automation Systems


              Ergonomic, efficient handling systems for transport and lifting operations.

              Rittal Automation Systems

              Manual tools

              High-quality hand tools for professional use in industry and trade.

              Rittal Automation Systems


              RiPanel Processing Center - cloud-capable basic software for modern order control.

              Rittal Automation Systems


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