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              Technologies and Trends

              Industry and IT topics

              The world in digital change

              5G, industrial analytics, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, digital twin - these trends and technologies are just a few examples of the fundamental upheaval that industrial companies are currently experiencing. You see these topics as an opportunity for innovation and growth?

              Cloud computing, IT security, big data, network solutions, block chain - digital value-added activities affect companies in every industry.

              We support you in differentiating yourself from the competition with innovative solutions - and in being the winner in the digital transformation. With concrete solutions, smart products and services, we answer future questions and trend topics.


              Automation in a new dimension

              Current technical progress is transforming the industry. Digitalization and artificial intelligence open up new dimensions of automation.

              Cloud Computing

              Cloud computing is driving digitalization

              Cloud computing enables companies of all sizes to harness the benefits of digitalization.


              Digitalization is creating new business models

              Connected and smart, digitalization is having an impact in all sectors of industry.

              Edge Computing

              Ready for the digital transformation with edge computing

              Edge computing creates the basis for real-time applications and Industry 4.0. Many sectors and companies are already benefiting from this high-performance technology made available by Rittal.

              Predictive maintenance

              Predictive maintenance – the inside track

              Predictive maintenance is the key to fast, problem-free automated production.

              Smart city

              A smart city is sustainable and efficient

              Smart cities harness the possibilities of digitalization and networking to improve efficiency and sustainability in all public areas.

              Energy efficiency

              Sustainability pays off

              Companies are using energy-efficient cooling units and climate control solutions to realise significant potential for cutting costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

              Energy storage solutions

              Smart, sustainable energy storage systems

              The ever higher proportion of renewable energies in the power supply is making energy storage systems increasingly important.


              Enhanced efficiency and new business models thanks to the smart factory

              Networking and digitalizing their production enables companies to meet growing customer expectations relating to individualisation, quality and fast product delivery.

              Lefdal Mine

              Rittal and the Lefdal Mine Datacenter.

              Rittal and the Lefdal Mine Datacenter. Solutions with depth.

              IT Security

              IT is when things work

              The IT system is working perfectly and production is running smoothly. This is a sign that optimum IT security is at work.

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