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              Discover solutions for your industry

              Industry solutions

              Discover solutions for your industry

              New technologies and trends are transforming your industry. Digitalization, individualisation and climate protection are prime examples. We address the resulting challenges you are facing. Our industry-specific know-how relating to the legal framework, regulations and industry standards gives us a better understanding of your requirements.

              “Rittal – The System” benefits from a high level of flexibility and standardisation that helps us provide made-to-measure industrial and IT solutions for your company, regardless of the sector you operate in.

              Overview of industries


              Optimum infrastructures for colocation services

              Colocation is enjoying strong growth and is an important area of business for data centre operators, especially Internet and cloud providers.


              Starting from pole position

              The automotive industry is currently facing the biggest upheaval in its history with the transformation to electromobility.


              Rittal reliably hits the heights

              Here, too, digitalization is creating new business models throughout the sector.


              Getting there faster

              Mobility concepts for the future are ramping up the pressure on both existing and new transport infrastructure, and also on rail operators. It is therefore of vital importance to ensure smooth processes.


              We are ready for digital health

              Digitalization is transforming the entire healthcare sector, with e-health set to play a more important role in healthcare provision.


              5G, IoT and AI – new challenges for telecommunications networks

              Internet use has increased sharply in recent years and is expected to continue growing strongly in the future. The predicted high data volumes will place greater demands on telecommunications companies and telecom infrastructure.


              Delivering perfection

              Next-day delivery is a thing of the past. At least, that’s what the big players in the logistics sector are suggesting. “Same-day delivery”, or at least “on-demand delivery”, are the new watchwords that are taking over,...

              Mechanical Building

              Digitalized and networked, ready for the future

              In the mechanical and plant engineering industry, digitalization, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are highly relevant to suppliers and users alike.


              Cutting-edge, efficient workflows in the process industry

              The process industry is plagued by disruptions. Transparent, efficient and controlled processes at all levels of the company are a key success factor.

              Food and Beverage

              Food safety, hygiene and digitization with Rittal

              Food safety is a top priority during production operations. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, too.


              Intelligent retail solutions

              Of all the changes that have taken place in recent years in the world of business, the digitalization of the marketplace and consumer behaviour is the one that has had the biggest impact.

              Maritime industry

              Complete solutions for harsh environmental conditions

              Life on the high seas can get very tough, so technical systems used in the maritime industry require highly effective protection against environmental influences.


              Reliable solutions for sustainable energy supplies

              In 2019, almost 43 per cent of the power consumed in Germany was already from renewable sources. The goal of making energy supplies sustainable is changing the energy system at all levels.

              Electrical and automation

              Using automation to add value

              Digitalisation has revolutionised the construction and operation of control panels and switchgear.


              Digitalization – fresh opportunities for the financial sector

              Technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies are throwing up new challenges for the financial sector. Above all, however, they offer fresh opportunities and possibilities for improving efficiency and security.

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