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              Your ideas. Your software.

              Your one-stop suppliers for successful planning.

              Looking for an integrated software system for panel building and switchgear manufacturing? Looking for the industry standard? Welcome to Rittal and Eplan!

              We streamline and speed up your processes at every phase: from engineering, to procurement and manufacturing, through to operation.


              For simple, faster selection of enclosure and rack solutions

              Configurators and software tools


              The configurator RiPanel enables fast, simple, error free selection and configuration of our products and matching accessories. Plan your required cut-outs and drilled holes, then generate the manufacturing documents and data for your configuration....

              Product data

              For simple, fast design planning

              CAD data

              CAD data for your system planning

              We can help boost the efficiency of your plant design with original CAD data for Rittal components, whichever CAD system you are using.

              Device data for electrical planning

              EPLAN Data Portal

              For direct online access to high-quality product catalogues from a host of component manufacturers. Simply drag & drop into your design.

              Engineering software

              For professional electrical and layout planning

              EPLAN Electric P8

              The ECAD standard for engineering

              EPLAN Pro Panel

              Product catalogues from a wide selection of component manufacturers

              EPLAN platform

              Software solutions for every engineering discipline

              Power Engineering

              For simple configuration of Ri4Power low-voltage systems

              Quick and easy switchgear planning.


              Calculation program for enclosure climate control

              Therm takes care of the time-consuming calculation of the required cooling output and selects suitable products.

              Manufacturing software

              For smart wiring – even without a circuit diagram

              EPLAN Smart Wiring

              Clever, software-based wiring support

              RiPanel Processing Center

              Production management tool for the efficient management of production and machine jobs.

              Service software

              For efficient, safe plant operation


              For the diagnosis and analysis of cooling units and chillers

              RiDiag is a diagnosis and analysis software package for cooling units and chillers. It is designed to ensure proper operation and simplified maintenance and diagnosis of system messages.

              F-gas calculator

              F-gas compliant and energy-efficient with Rittal

              With our F-gas calculator you can easily determine whether and how an existing system is affected by the F-Gas Regulation


              Rittal apps for greater efficiency

              Rittal now offers numerous useful tools for use as mobile apps on the move

              IT management software

              For enhanced data centre monitoring


              Perfect support for IT infrastructure components

              Coordinated sensors and control systems provide optional support of Rittal components – from server enclosures, to power supply and climate control, through to security and monitoring technology – during both the integration and operating phases.

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