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              Knowledge base

              Information on key Rittal topics

              Knowledge base

              Knowledge base

              Here you will find information about our product approvals, Rittal surface protection, our quality management system, EDI, the Rittal EMC concept and our handling guidelines.

              Product approvals

              In the certified Rittal quality laboratory, testing is conducted to all well-known international standards. To meet the requirements of these standards, an enclosure must pass up to 20 different tests.


              Rittal products meet the highest internationally recognised quality standards

              All components are subjected to the most stringent testing in accordance with international standards and regulations The consistently high product quality is ensured by a comprehensive quality management system. Regular production inspections by...

              CE conformity

              CE labelling of Rittal empty enclosures

              With regard to CE labelling, empty enclosures fall under mandatory labelling in line with the EC Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU based on type testing to DIN EN 62208.

              Rittal surface protection

              Rittal is using new technologies in surface finishing. Thanks to nano-coating, Rittal products already boast the best possible surface protection and corrosion resistance.

              Rittal is continuously developing and testing new techniques to optimise the durability, function and safety of its products. By using nano-coating, the world market leader in enclosure and case technology is now setting new standards in surface technology.

              Surface finishes plus

              Extended testing procedures at Rittal

              Surface Protection Plus, our extended testing procedure, tests materials at system level. In other words, the entire product, rather than just the individual part, undergoes testing in the relevant application spectrum.

              Anti-fingerprint / anti-graffiti

              Dirt doesn't stand a chance

              The ancient Greeks knew it: Our universe is comprised of tiny particles. Today, this knowledge is benefiting researchers. Nano-technology prevents penetration into the atomic sphere, and thereby prevents changes to material structures in the...

              Rittal paint structure

              Optimum surface protection

              The triple surface treatment ensures optimum protection against corrosion and is resistant to mineral oils, lubricants, machining emulsions and solvents such as those used for cleaning.

              QM reports

              Information about IP and NEMA protection categories, ECB•S certification, quality management and product environmental protection at Rittal.

              Protection categories

              IP, NEMA and ECB?S

              Laboratory-tested quality

              Rittal quality management, transcending all borders

              As the application areas for innovative Rittal products become increasingly diverse, the requirements grow ever more complex.

              Product environmental protection at Rittal

              About environmental protection at Rittal

              Find out more

              EMC concept

              For optimum electromagnetic compatibility

              Electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields are all around us, and in the vicinity of enclosures and equipment cases. This electromagnetic environment can become an interference factor for technical systems....


              The electronic exchange of standard business transactions between two companies

              What is EDI? EDI stands for “Electronic Data Interchange” and refers to the electronic exchange of standard business transactions between two companies.

              UKCA marking

              Rittal will meet requirements for all products

              The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) left the European Union on 31 January 2020. The Withdrawal Agreement defined a period during which the rules of the EU single market continued to be applicable in the UK, i.e. until 31...

              Handling guidelines

              Handling guidelines for transportation and storage

              Rittal products must always be stored and shipped with due care in accordance with these guidelines.


              Got any more questions? Use our FAQ platform to find the answers.

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