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              Find the latest news about Rittal, products and events here, together with some fascinating customer stories.


              May 23, 2022

              Friedhelm Loh Group publishes a new edition of “be top”

              The goals of digital transformation in industry are clearly defined. It all comes down to more transparency, knowledge and speed in operations – but what does that mean for production managers responsible for machinery, equipment and systems? The new...

              May 10, 2022

              How can OT become climate-friendly despite high performance and availability?

              The digital transformation is challenging the data centre industry. At Data Centre World in Frankfurt, Rittal, German Edge Cloud and the Lefdal Mine Datacenter will be providing answers as to how this can be achieved with a joint approach.

              May 29, 2022

              What the smart factory needs today: Consistently networked ecosystems

              The objectives of industrial transformation are clear: It is all a matter of more transparency, speed, and sustainability in manufacturing and operation. Digitalisation and networking of the industrial and IT ecosystems is here a prerequisite: For...

              Apr 4, 2022

              Energy systems of the future: faster planning and implementation

              Energy transition needs pioneering solutions. The rapid transformation of energy systems requires time and cost-saving value creation processes in all areas, along with standardised and industry-tested systems. At “The Smarter E Europe” energy trade...

              Apr 1, 2022

              Helping and setting an example: € 600,000 donated to people in the war zone

              Ukraine is still firmly in the grip of war several weeks after it started. Millions of people are living in fear and terror, having lost their homes, and with an uncertain future. Helping people wherever possible is the order of the day for the...

              Mar 17, 2022

              “Top employer” for the digital future

              According to the Top Employers Institute, the Friedhelm Loh Group is one of the best companies in Germany to work for. The company has now received the coveted award for the fourteenth time in a row. The award honours the attractiveness of the...

              Feb 17, 2022

              LANline readers vote Rittal “2021 Supplier of the Year” in five categories

              The readership of the IT trade journal “LANline” have voted Rittal “2021 Supplier of the Year” in five categories in an online readers' poll.

              Feb 10, 2022

              Rittal ePocket awarded Enclosure Sustainability prize by Siemens

              Siemens is a pioneer in sustainable action in industry. In 2021, the company presented its first ever Sustainability Award in the “Cabinets Material Field”. The first winner! Rittal’s “ePocket” wiring plan pocket.

              Our products are still available

              We continue to deliver on time

              We are pleased to inform you that we can continue to deliver on time and that is and remains our most important goal. The availability of our products is consistently given for series products. We will inform you immediately should there be any delays...

              New products

              Jun 1, 2022

              Cool head, small footprint

              Precision requires that you keep a cool head. That applies not only to your personnel. Machine tools, too, are dependent on pinpoint temperature control based on liquid cooling if they are to produce exact machining results. The new Rittal TopTherm...

              May 30, 2022

              Cool successor with sustainable DNA

              Rittal is expanding its smart cooling unit solutions by adding the new Blue e+ S range. Our latest generation of cooling units with their lower output categories of 300, 500, and 1,000 W have been designed for efficiency, ensuring a smaller footprint...

              Apr 5, 2022

              New Rittal rail for interior installation AX

              A small change, but a major effect in the day-to-day work of panel builders and switchgear manufacturers – it is often the little things that make the difference. Rittal proves this once more with the new interior installation rail for...

              Mar 8, 2022

              The cool dream team with a small footprint

              The digital transformation is challenging the data centre industry. Growing data volumes are forcing data centre operators to face the task of dissipating increasing amounts of heat from servers into ever tighter spaces or finding new space for...

              Nov 24, 2021

              Easier than ever – individually configuring and ordering enclosures

              Can complex products such as enclosure systems be planned easily in 3D, configured individually, and ordered quickly, thanks to direct price information? For system planners, this is now even easier. With Rittal’s new RiPanel enclosure configurator,...

              Nov 23, 2021

              A new home for the digital twin

              Rittal ePocket – the digital wiring plan pocket: In terms of environmental friendliness, the new space in the cloud has the benefit of doing away with paper. In addition, operators, planners, switchgear manufacturers and maintenance staff will find it...


              Webcast: Explosion Protection in the Oil & Gas Industry

              Rittal helps you understand the safety requirements and standards for explosion protection and translate that into easily deployed products to help safeguard your process environment. When? October 27, 2021

              “MEET THE EXPERT” – Webcasts

              Modular solutions. Modular learning. Maximum success. Discover the next generation of future-proof IT infrastructure in our exclusive webcasts. Register for this unique opportunity today.

              Refresh your industry knowledge

              Topics include “North American codes & standards for enclosures”, “Design verification to IEC 61439” and “Short-circuit current rating for busbar systems” – and much more.

              Refresh your IT knowledge

              Our “VX IT” webinar introduces the new IT rack from Rittal: The solution for all network and server applications for maximum flexibility and individuality at all levels.

              Panel building. Made smarter. The Webcasts

              Find out how every single step in your panel building and switchgear manufacturing value creation process can be improved and which specific products and services can make this possible. Our experts are looking forward to meeting you!

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